The 3rd International Train Design Competition in 2024

“Rail Transit System for Life, Health and Sustainable Development”
Deadline for solicitation: May 30, 2024

Industrial Design Works

Theme: "Rail Transit System for Life, Health and Sustainable Development"


1)Innovative future train designs that solve the transportation issues of today.
2)Environment and sustainability - Carbon zero travel, encouraging people to use train transport to minimise traffic congestion, design for longevity.
3)Inclusivity - Travel for all ages and abilities, flexible seating solutions, convenient travel for groups or individuals, seamless and enjoyable travel.
4)Interconnectivity - Transferring from one mode of transport to another, multimodal interchange, ticketing, enhancing the convenience of rail travel, first and last mile.
5)Safety - All aspects of passenger and staff safety, cleanliness, safe evacuation, communication, fire safety.
6)In the submitted work description, the design method shall be described to specify whether the design is generated through AI.
7)Industrial design works developed through 3D models are required to be presented with 3D models to demonstrate the effectiveness of the design when winning the award.

Competition schedule

2023.10.20 - 2024.05.30

Collection of competition works


Preliminary review of works announcement of shortlist


Question and answer on-site


Announce the list of winners and present awards on-site

Entry Guidelines

Call for entries

Terms and Conditions

  • Entrants are required to submit the following information...
  • Receiving
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  • International and domestic design institutions individual or team of designers, and employees of enterprise design departments; teachers and students majoring in design and art from various international and domestic colleges and universities are eligible to participate.


1 x Gold Prize winner


  • Trophy and Award certificate

3 x Silver Prize winners


  • Trophy and Award certificate

8 x Bronze Prize winners


  • Trophy and Award certificate

20 x Promising Star winners


  • Trophy and Award certificate

10 x AI Special winners


  • Trophy and Award certificate

Excellent Organization Award (Group)

  • Trophy and Award certificate

Competition Organizing Committee


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The copyright belongs to CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd, and it is strictly prohibited for any reprinting.


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Competition instructions

1. All works shall be personally created by the contestants and shall not infringe on the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal information of any individual or entity. All participating works have not been published or released, and have not received any awards.
2. All intellectual property rights of the award-winning works belong to both the designer and the Organizer, and the Organizer has the right to promote, display, publish, and advertise in other forms;
3. Except as authorized by the Organizer, no company, individual, or third party shall redesign, produce, sell, promote, publish, exhibit, or promote the works of this competition in any other form. Otherwise, the Organizer has the right to pursue legal responsibility.
4. Works designed for third-party services shall not participate in the competition. Any legal disputes arising from this shall be borne by the participants themselves.
5. Participants in the competition shall be at least 18 years old, and the deadline for submitting the work shall prevail.
6. Employees, supervisors, and directors of CRRC and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, as well as personnel from the franchisees, advertising and promotion agencies, and personnel participating in the competition, are not eligible to participate in the Competition.
7、 The design personnel of CRRC and its affiliated companies own but are not limited to editing, adapting, publishing, copying, displaying, executing, broadcasting, modifying, and using any or all of the contestant's work materials and intellectual property rights. The use of any and all of the contestant's work materials, including but not limited to thesis, photos, or videos in any or all media, whether now or in the future, the contestant cannot claim any compensation.
8、 After the competition, CRRC reserves the right to use images and displays them without copyright or copyright royalties.

Competition Awards

The evaluation criteria for the competition is to find creative design ideas for various types of rail transit vehicles, including high-speed rail, subway, and other new types of rail transit vehicles, and to find solutions to transportation problems.
1) The Judging Panel is composed of CRRC's senoir design executives, design company presidents, professors from university design departments, and other internationally renowned design experts, and their evaluation decision is the final result of the competition.
2) The basis for evaluation of the works is the originality, functionality, commercial feasibility, artistry, and potential to solve existing problems.
3) As all entries are non refundable, please keep a backup of them yourself.
4) The judges have the right to reject any works that does not meet the terms and conditions of Competition, and once the works is accepted, no further modifications are allowed.
5) The organizing committee will notify the winners via email or phone, and the information used is that provided by the participants during registration. Please ensure that the information provided is true and reliable.
6) Winners will be invited to Qingdao for Question and answer session during the final round of the competition. The judges will select the final winners of the competition, and the transportation and accommodation expenses of the invited shortlisted participants will be borne by the organizing committee.

Legal Notice

1. Participants shall provide genuine personal information when registering. The competition alliance does not conduct substantive review of the authenticity of the author's identity, but personal information that is false will result in the loss of opportunities for their works to be awarded or published.
2. Contestants shall ensure the originality of their works, not steal or plagiarize others' works, and ensure that they do not infringe on any third-party intellectual property or other rights. If the aforementioned illegal behavior occurs, the contestants shall bear full compensation responsibility and ensure that the organizing committee will not suffer any losses.
3. The competition alliance does not have sufficient monitoring capabilities for the occurrence of stealing and plagiarism. However, upon discovery, the alliance has the right to immediately cancel their eligibility to participate, cancel and demand the return of prizes or bonuses, and reserves the right to request compensation for potential damages. The judging panel of the competition shall not be liable for any infringement committed by others, and the legal liability for infringement shall be borne by the plagiarists or copycats themselves.
4. The competition alliance does not accept works that are prohibited by law from being published, disseminated, or contain any of the following contents.
(1) Opposing the basic principles established by the Constitution.
(2) Endangering national security, leaking national secrets, subverting national power, and undermining national unity.
(3) Harming national honor and interests.
(4) Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination, and undermining ethnic unity.
(5) Disrupting national religious policies, promoting cults and feudal superstitions.
(6) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and disrupting social stability.
(7) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crimes.
(8) Insulting or defaming others, infringing on their legitimate rights and interests.
(9) Containing other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
5. Participants are requested to retain the manuscript first.
6. Within the scope permitted by law, the competition alliance has the final right of interpretation for this competition.

Entry guidelines

The works are designed and generated based on 3D model or AI,The uploaded work is a. zip/. rar compressed file, with the file name format as “participant name + works name” (the number of team members shall be limited to 5, and only one participant name is written in the submission file name). The file content includes: works display (pictures or videos), works overview (word text description, for easy review), and the specific requirements are as follows.

1、Image specifications of works: the size of each image is 594mm × 420mm (23.38 inches in length and 16.54 inches in width) format, with both horizontal and vertical layout. The image format is jpg, the color mode is cmyk, and the resolution is 300dpi. The entire idea is fully expressed in a single format file, accompanied by explanatory text (no more than 500 words), including: creative concept, design purpose, etc., illustrating the background, details, and technological application of the design proposal. Each works can be accompanied by up to 3 additional documents to elaborate the details of each part of the design proposal.

2、The naming method for the file name of the works image is: name, institution (school), and works name. In addition to JPG files, the participating works can also be supplemented with animation (optional) demonstrations. The video format is mp4, and the resolution is not less than 1080p; A physical scaled model can also be provided to assist in explaining the design proposal. The mailing address of the model is CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd, and the relevant fees must be borne by the participants.


The design description shall include two parts:

A. The key points to be solved are elaborated through the design description, requiring a clear introduction and clear main idea, which is a feasible and sustainable green rail transit solution for the next 10 years.

B. Explain the working principle of the design proposal.

4、 The total size of JPG file uploaded for each works shall not exceed 50M, and the size of video file shall not exceed 150M.

5、 To ensure fair award, the submitted works file must not contain information such as the author's name in the jpg image.

6、 Each participant can submit multiple works.

7、 In order to facilitate the international judges of this competition to better evaluate the entries, all annotations and explanatory text of the entries must be in Chinese, English, or both.

We look forward to receiving design submissions that:
•Are future thinking, original and practical
•Explore integrated three-dimensional transportation technologies
•Designs that demonstrate digital intelligence
•Designs for all forms of rail vehicles are encouraged, from light rail, maglev to future innovation

Competition prize awarding, collections

1. The winner will receive a prize and certificate jointly presented by the competition organization, as well as a trophy. Note: The prize is of pre-tax amount, and the taxes and fees will be withheld and remitted by the Organizer.
2. Gold and silver award winners have the opportunity to intern and study at the internationally renowned design company Priestman Good (PG) for about 3 months, with financial support provided during this period.
3. Winners of the gold and silver awards can have the opportunity to inter at the renowned design company PULI INNOVATION locates in Shanghai for a month and the fees arising from internship shall be covered by the intern themselves.
4. The winning contestants will be promoted and reported on the competition's official website and by more than ten cooperative media.
5. To be eligible for the Excellent Organizing Award (Group), the Group is required to submit more than 10 valid entries (excluding AI entries).